Technical Resources

The CBSI technical staff operates from our 10,000 sq. ft. main office/warehouse in east Houston, Texas.

thumb_IMG_0639_1024 copyVirtually all our engineering and administrative work is computerized. The engineers and technical specialists have extensive experience and are proficient with a variety of PC-based computer programs: in our library of technical software, including:

  • SolidWorks–3D Mechanical Design Software
  • AutoCAD–computer-aided design and drafting
  • Stadd III–structural analysis and design
  • Pre-stressed concrete beam design
  • Load posting–bridge load rating
  • PCSTABL4–slope stability analysis
  • THYSIS–hydraulic system design and analysis
  • COGO–geometric design and earthwork computations
  • All Microsoft program

In addition to these standard programs, CBSI has access to proprietary design software for specialized engineering applications, including:

  • Suspension bridge design
  • Column and bent design
  • Hydraulic analysis and design