Types of Structures

IMG_5137 copyThe CBSI group has direct experience on all phases of work for:

  • Pipeline bridges
  • Cable-supported roof structures
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Guyed towers
  • Flare stacks
  • Highway/railroad bridges, tied arch
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Cable-supported tram systems (Aerobus)

CBSI offers a complete range of engineering, construction and maintenance services related to pipeline/highway bridges and guyed structures to include:

Construction of New Bridges- Pipeline/Highway

  • Preliminary estimates and feasibility studies
  • Engineering design and preparation of plans/specifications
  • Supply of specialized bridge materials, strands and sockets
  • Supervision of construction and erection work

Estimates Provided From Your Supplied Information, as Follows:

  • River width to high banks (span)
  • Pipe size and contents
  • Design criteria (live/dead loads)
  • Vertical clearance
  • Any supplied topographical/geological maps/data

Cable-Supported Roof Structures

  • Design of sockets/strand assemblies
  • Installation/construction
  • Tensioning

Towers and Guyed Structures

  • Supply specialized tower strands/sockets
  • Provide replacement u-bolts-open stirrups rods for existing towers
  • Maintenance

Railroad and Industrial Lift Bridges

  • Construction/erection of all types of steel/ cable bridges

Inspection and Maintenance Services- Existing Bridges

  • Thorough examination of structural elements
  • Evaluation/report of findings
  • Structural modifications
  • Concrete repair/painting/sandblasting